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Add records with sql statments

Home > ASP > Database Related
Learn how to add records with an SQL statement instead of a Recordset. Here are two examples. One will use a query string and the other gets the info from a form. Both examples include an example of a DSN-LESS connection. This example is for using forms and makes some assumptions. Be sure to make the necessary changes.
Hits: 6927  Date: 2006-04-21  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Add an ASP guestbook!

Home > ASP > Graphs and Charts
I've had some requests for a guestbook script. And since it's a good way to learn to read/write files, I made this the next lesson. Besides, it's easily modified to become a traffic log. (And I know how cool it is to see that someone has visited your site.)
Hits: 6383  Date: 2006-01-12  Rate: 3.0  Vote: 4  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Creating simple PHP forum tutorial

Home > PHP > Discussion Boards
Learn to create forum step by step, in this tutorials use only simple php code but powerful.
Hits: 4510  Date: 2006-04-10  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Adding Discussion Forums

Home > ASP > Discussion Boards
This 9-page tutorial shows you how to add discussion forums to your web-site. With support for an unlimited number of forums and messages and easy administration learn how you can add discussion forums to your site.
Hits: 4253  Date: 2006-03-10  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

tricks with VBScript

Home > ASP > Introduction to ASP
Collection of 5 useful VBScript tricks.
Hits: 4030  Date: 2006-01-18  Rate: 2.0  Vote: 4  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Discussion Forums with PHP

Home > PHP > Discussion Boards
Learn how to make your own Web-based forum using PHP and Mysql.
Hits: 3971  Date: 2005-10-28  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Installing the Guestbook

Home > Flash > Actionscripting
This tutuorial assumes you have already downloaded the zip file that contains all the necessary files. If not then go to menu on the left of this page and download it first. Now everyone has the file guestbook.zip let us now begin the tutorial.
Hits: 2247  Date: 2006-02-16  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Glossy Forum Buttons

Home > Photoshop > Buttons
Create a glossy like forum button, which looks very similar to those of the default IPB skin.
Hits: 1638  Date: 2006-03-23  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Place a CGI Guestbook

Home > Perl and CGI > Guestbooks
This tutorial will be guided through the steps to place a guestbook CGI onto your system. The CGI will, hopefully, work just the same as my guestbook CGI, mainly because it's the same one. That makes sense. I will tell you though, it took me about two weeks to figure all this out. Placing a CGI is an involved process that requires your doing some configuration at the server level. It's a little scary at first, but stick with me. You'll get the hang of it soon enough.
Hits: 1321  Date: 2005-09-01  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Drawing a Kids Bicycle

Home > Photoshop > Drawing
This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to draw a kids bicycle.
Hits: 1013  Date: 2006-04-17  Rate: 3.0  Vote: 1  Broken  Review  Rate It!

FlashCFM.com Forums

Home > ColdFusion > Discussion Boards
FlashCFM.com Forums is a great place to discuss the integration of Flash and ColdFusion.
Hits: 782  Date: 2006-04-06  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Loops within Loops: Coding an ASP-based Bulletin Board

Home > ASP > Discussion Boards
This article provides an easy way to list nested forums. It does have some drawbacks, though. For starters, there is an upper-bound on the number of nested replies a message can have. In this example, the number is 12, although this is configurable. Furthermore, this approach is not the most efficient approach, and could be streamlined using stored procedures and fewer ADO objects within the code.
Hits: 683  Date: 2006-03-10  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Fading images together

Home > Photoshop > Photo Effects
This photoshop tutorial will teach you how to fade / blend two images into each other.
Hits: 638  Date: 2006-04-18  Rate: 1.0  Vote: 1  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Using Walk Cycle PLUS Packs

Home > Flash > Animation
Free video tutorial on using walk cycle PLUS Packs. See how easy they are to use and how much time they will save you. You'll be shown two different ways to easily animate walk cycle "PLUS" packs by using basic motion tweening techniques.
Hits: 630  Date: 2008-04-27  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Text and Pictures

Home > Photoshop > Web Layouts
This tutorial will teach you how to make a picture morph (transfrom) to something else. Can really be helpfull while making movies.
Hits: 612  Date: 2006-03-04  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Video Tutorial: Old Picture Effect

Home > Fireworks > Photo Editing
Convert a good looking picture into a old picture.
Hits: 567  Date: 2008-04-06  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Sunburst Effect

Home > Fireworks > Special Effects
This Video Tutorials shows how to create a Sunburst Effect with Adobe Fireworks.
Hits: 565  Date: 2008-04-06  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Video Tutorial: Create a Button

Home > Fireworks > Special Effects
Create a Button with Ink Splatters in Fireworks.
Hits: 561  Date: 2008-04-06  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Wallpaper with a Leopard

Home > Photoshop > Photo Effects
In this tutorial we will show you how to create desktop wallpaper with a leopard. We will use the Snapshot mode of the AKVIS Chameleon plug-in to turn a snow leopard into a star leopard.For the photo collage we will use a photo of a snow leopard and a photo of a starry sky. Open the photos in Adobe Photoshop.
Hits: 527  Date: 2006-07-03  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Using Flash to Create Comics

Home > Flash > Animation
Yes, you can create and print out beautiful, professional looking comics no matter how good your drawing skills are! Cartoon Solutions provides you with pre-made Comic Book products, Character Packs, Backgrounds and Effects, to help you succeed!
Hits: 524  Date: 2008-08-17  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

How to create cool tribal symbols and signs

Home > 3DS MAX > Modeling
This is my second 3dsmax tutorial, it is about how to create really cool tribal symbols and logos in 3dsmax and Photoshop. PLEASE RATE IF YOU DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL!
Hits: 500  Date: 2006-06-07  Rate: 4.0  Vote: 1  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Custom Cursor

Home > Flash > Interactivity
This Tutorial is th show you how to creat your own custom cursor in Flash MX. This turorial also incorporates the click action of the cursor.
Hits: 489  Date: 2005-12-06  Rate: 5.0  Vote: 1  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Copy Forumulas: Fill Down

Home > MS Excel > Basics
Often we have several cells that need the same formula (in relationship) to the location it is to be typed into. There is a short cut that is called Fill Down.
Hits: 478  Date: 2006-04-04  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Editing Multiple Frames of Animation

Home > Flash > Animation
Have you ever finished animating something only to decide that you need to change it's placement on the stage or size on the screen? You can move all of the frames at the same time, you just need to use the "Edit Multiple Frames" feature.
Hits: 473  Date: 2008-04-06  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Excel Shortcut Keys

Home > MS Excel > Basics
The following lists the most useful shortcut keys available in Excel. The shortcuts are arranged by context.
Hits: 458  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 4.0  Vote: 1  Broken  Review  Rate It!





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