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Home  > PHP > XML and PHP

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Parsing XML With PHP

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
Last week, we presented a simple framework (named XMLCast) for distributing content to a variety of devices using XML. This application was built using Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology but we realize that many of you aren't using ASP (we aren't either). This article will present the concept of XML parsing using the PHP scripting language. In the coming weeks, we will follow this example up with an expansion of XMLCast using other tools such as XSLT and Cocoon.Recently, The Wireless Developer Network began offering our daily news in a variety of formats for people that wanted their news delivered in ways other than standard HTML. Among the formats we offer is Rich Site Summary (RSS), an XML format that splits up items (news headlines, in this case) into easily extractable elements, allowing other sites to grab our latest news headlines, format them as they wish, and list them on a page on their site, all with the convinence of XML data exchange.
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XML guestbook

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
This tutorial explains how to make a XML guestbook. The guestbook uses a XML file to save the messages. The full source code of the guestbook is included.
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Introduction to XML and Web Services

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, platform-independent standard for describing data within a structured format. XML is not a language but instead a metalanguage that allows you to create markup languages.
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PHP SOAP Extension - Server Applications

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
This tutorial helps you understand: PHP SOAP Extension Functions for Server Applications; HelloServer.php - First SOAP Server Application; HelloServer12.php - SOAP 1.2 Server Application;
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Processing XML with PHP

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
A markup language is a collection of directions and special symbols that are inserted throughout a document. These directions can identify special sections of a document and further define the information's background and meaning.A commonly used markup language on the Internet today is Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). HTML directions (which are known as elements) are interspersed throughout a text file that can then be viewed by a web browser program. The elements can affect the formatting of text, break the document up into logical sections such as headers, paragraphs and lists and can even link several documents together.
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Google Search API Implementation with PHP

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
Itís old news, but for those whoíve been living in a cave, Google has a search API (launched back in the summer of 2002), that you can access via any programming language to add search functionality to your web apps. Long back, I decided to build a PHP application for that, and for those who wanna have some fun with it, and learn some web services api programming with php et. al. Iíve put down an article along with a sample app and some scripts that you can download and tweak to your heartís content.
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PHP SOAP Extension

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
This tutorial helps you understand: What is PHP SOAP Extension? My first example with SOAP Extension; SOAP Extension functions for client applications; How to dump detailed information for debugging; A WSDL document example; How use SOAP Extension in non-WSDL mode.
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PHP parsing of XML/RSS/RDF files

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
This is a quick tutorial that shows you along with an example script how to grab remote RSS/RDF XML news files and parse them so you can display news headlines from any site that has an RSS/RDF file - most of the bigger sites do. You can also learn the standard format for creating your own Valid RDF files. Uses FileSystem and regular expression functions.
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Parsing XML with PHP

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
I will be the first to admit that I love computing standards. If every vendor adhered to an industry standard, I think the web would be a better medium for everyone. Using standardized data exchange formats, open, platform-independent computing models become feasible. It is for this reason that I am a big fan of XML.Fortunately for me, my favorite scripting language supports XML and is continuing to strengthen this support. PHP has enabled me to quickly bring XML documents to the web, to gather statistical information about them, and to transform them to other formats. For example, I regularly use PHP's XML processing capabilities to manage my articles and books written using XML.
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Transforming XML with XSLT and PHP

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
In one of my previous tutorials, Processing XML with PHP, I introduced you to the expat XML parser. The parser is sufficient for extracting information from an XML document and manipulating it in a simple event based manner. However, there may be times when it's desired to transform the XML document into a different format using XML StyLesheet Transforms (XSLT). XSLT is essentially a series of templates and rules for XML. It processes a document by applying the template patterns according to the prescribed rules. XSLT can be used to generate pretty much any type of file from an XML document, such as .svg, .cvs, or .pdf. In this tutorial we will use XSLT to transform an XML document into an HTML document and use PHP?s XSLT functions to apply those rules.
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