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PHP3 Expanding and Collapsing TOC Tutorial

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Last March, I published at SiteExperts.com the article "Cross Browser Expanding and Collapsing Table of Contents Menu". The technique described and demonstrated there is realized only by means of standard JavaScript. The advantage of this solution is that it doesn't require any server scripting or cgi programming and therefore works offline as well as online. You can use it, for example, as navigation technique for a browser-based CD-ROM. As mentioned later in the paper (Chapter 6) there may be occasions where you must realize the functionality of the expanding and collapsing ToC menu completely on your web server so the client gets pure HTML pages. But we gave only some brief hints how to adopt the algorthm for this purpose.
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Flexible Database Driven Menu

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Following this tutorial you'll be able to create a fully database driven flexible menu that will also allow you to add menu items later and they will be automatically sorted in the chosen order.
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HTML Templates

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Most sites use a standard template throughout the whole website. The header and footer data is stored in a .php file and loaded for each page allowing easy maintenance. This tutorial will show you how to get PHP to dynamically choose which file to include based upon the page currently being viewed
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Pagination with PHP

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This tutorial is designed to guide you through the logic and code behind the process of paginating data in PHP. In this tutorial, the data is retrieved from mySQL database. I feel you will be able to grasp this tutorial better if you have a decent knowlege of PHP and mySQL. However, I plan to comment code as much as possible and describe the why we do each part.
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File to display paging

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You can find a zip file in download section to display paging on your reports etc. The paging file lib/paging.php is very useful file for displaying paging option on reports or on large number of data records. With this file you can display customized number of records on each page and number of paging per page. This file creates all the links for you, with paging option, with Next, Prev links. This file also creates the Link for FirstPage and Last Page Like [First Page] Prev <| 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |> Next [Last Page] With this file you can easily provide easy search option, Sorting option and also you can provide an option to your user to select number of records they with to view on page There is sample script with this which shows all the use of this file. Download Here
Hits: 110  Date: 2005-12-30  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

Paging in PHP

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What is paging? This is a term used to represent breaking up data (be it a long list or otherwise) into manageable pages. You'll often see below or above a list some links pointing to "page 1", "page 2", "next page", and so on.For example, if you have a list of 1000 items but don't want to see all at once, you could divide this up into, say, 20 pages of 50 items per page. Your users will want to navigate to any of the other pages from the page they're currently on
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Invano Navigation System

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This tutorial will show you how people link like www.invano.com?php:shoutbox.
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Dynamic URLS using php and mysql

Home > PHP > Site Navigation
A tutorial with code snipple included that tells you how to generate links with URLs such as index.php?ID=5 and such. Very easy to follow.
Hits: 102  Date: 2005-12-30  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

Redirect Visitors by Browser Language

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Give a professional touch to your site learing how to redirect your website users based on the choice of language that is set in the browser.
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Breadcrumb Navigation

Home > PHP > Site Navigation
What do Yahoo!, Lycos and countless other Web sites, including Zend.com, have in common? It's not their content -- it's their navigation style. They all use a method called "Breadcrumb Navigation". Not quite sure what I mean? Here's an example:
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