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Home > PHP > Email Systems
A php tutorial/walkthrough that shows how to realize a useful feature such as sending an url of your site via mail.First of all, we need just two pages to realize this script, one (but the total number depends on you) with the send this page script, and a page that we will call sendpage.php with the form.If your site uses include_once() function, include this few line of code in your functions page, if not just add this code only in the page/s to send the exact url via mail.
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Mailing list manager

Home > PHP > Email Systems
Learn to make a mailing list manager for our site and its users.
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PHP Email Form Easy

Home > PHP > Email Systems
Now you can send emails from your web sites with full control over design style and functionality. PHP is the way to go for online email form.
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Sending email using CDONTS

Home > PHP > Email Systems
This tutorials shows you how to send email using the layer defined in PHP4 for Win32 platforms with html mail and attachments.
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PHPMini Contactor

Home > PHP > Email Systems
PHPMini Contactor is a powerful emailing script which allows guests to email you without actually viewing your email. This is very safe against email harvesters, and other bots that steal email addresses.
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E-mailing in PHP

Home > PHP > Email Systems
This tutorial will show you how to send email in PHP. Firstly I'll go over the basics of how the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) works, then how to send email using PHP.
Hits: 119  Date: 2005-10-28  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!


Home > PHP > Email Systems
All about the PHP mail() function.
Hits: 118  Date: 2006-04-17  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

Send Mail in PHP

Home > PHP > Email Systems
It is that simple!The PHP mail function has up to four parameters.The first parameter is the recipient of the message. The second parameter is the subject of the email message. The third parameter is the body of the message. And the fourth parameter is optional, which will be covered on the next page.If the above example does not work when you view it in your browser then the Sendmail variable in your PHP setup file is probably not set correctly. In UNIX, it should be set to something like '/usr/sbin/sendmail -t'. Consult your PHP documentation for more in depth instructions.
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Create a mailform for your site

Home > PHP > Email Systems
Create a mailforum for your website by Arutha In this tutorial i will show you how to make a simple mail form to send you a message from a site viewer, the fields im going to use will allow you to get their name, email, message and ip. So to start with as all i will give you the full scrip (if you are just gonna copy and paste this just make sure its called mailform.php or change the action on the form)t:
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Protecting Email Addresses Using ASCII Codes

Home > PHP > Email Systems
This can be used to protect email addresses, for instance. Because spammers are writing software to search for certain patterns (email adresses) on web pages, this might help keep spam low. The trick is to use HTML character codes for email addresses, making it much harder for spambots to find email data.
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