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Configuring Apache to Use PHP as CGI on Windows Systems

Home > Web Hosting > eCommerce
If you have followed our tutorials and got the Apache server installed and running, got the PHP engine installed and configured, you can now use this tutorial to configure the Apache server to run PHP engine as CGI to support PHP scripts.
Hits: 221  Date: 2013-03-29  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

XHTML Tutorials - Understanding Lists and List Items

Home > HTML > HTML 4.0
A collection of 9 FAQs/tutorials tips on XHTML list elements and list items. Clear answers are provided with tutorial examples on list elements for ordered lists, unordered lists, and definition lists; creating nested lists; including multiple paragraphs in one list item; changing list item markers.
Hits: 171  Date: 2013-03-29  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Bluetooth Radio Connection between Windows XP and Cell Phone

Home > Web Hosting > eCommerce
Do you want to learn how to Bluetooth connections? Here is a collection of 37 easy-to-follow tutorials on Bluetooth radio connections between Windows XP system and Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone: How to search nearby Bluetooth devices? How to enter passkey to protech Bluetooth connections? How to send and receive picture and music files from and to cell phone? How to share address book entries and calendar events between computer and cell phone?
Hits: 201  Date: 2013-03-29  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Internet Security Certificate Information Center

Home > Windows > Miscellaneous
Are you having Internet security certificate problems with a Web browser or an application? Welcome to visit this information center, where you can enhance your knowledge on security certificates; learn how to use various certificate tools; search and download any certificates. By: certificate.fyicenter.com is the Internet security certificate information center. It provides you a large collection of articles on what is X.509-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and public key certificates, tutorials on how to use various certificate tools to verify, and install certificates, certificate database for you search and download Certificate Authority (CA) certificates.
Hits: 332  Date: 2013-03-29  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Internet Connection with DSL Modems - 8 Tutorials

Home > Windows > Development
A collection of 8 tutorials on Internet connections with DSL modems covering: What are required to use DSL modems; How to connect DSL modems; How to configure Windows systems for DSL modem connection; How to troubleshoot DSL modem connection problems; etc.
Hits: 199  Date: 2013-03-29  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Using Flash to Create Comics

Home > Flash > Animation
Yes, you can create and print out beautiful, professional looking comics no matter how good your drawing skills are! Cartoon Solutions provides you with pre-made Comic Book products, Character Packs, Backgrounds and Effects, to help you succeed!
Hits: 524  Date: 2008-08-17  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Using Walk Cycle PLUS Packs

Home > Flash > Animation
Free video tutorial on using walk cycle PLUS Packs. See how easy they are to use and how much time they will save you. You'll be shown two different ways to easily animate walk cycle "PLUS" packs by using basic motion tweening techniques.
Hits: 630  Date: 2008-04-27  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Sunburst Effect

Home > Fireworks > Special Effects
This Video Tutorials shows how to create a Sunburst Effect with Adobe Fireworks.
Hits: 565  Date: 2008-04-06  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Video Tutorial: Create a Button

Home > Fireworks > Special Effects
Create a Button with Ink Splatters in Fireworks.
Hits: 561  Date: 2008-04-06  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Video Tutorial: Old Picture Effect

Home > Fireworks > Photo Editing
Convert a good looking picture into a old picture.
Hits: 567  Date: 2008-04-06  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Editing Multiple Frames of Animation

Home > Flash > Animation
Have you ever finished animating something only to decide that you need to change it's placement on the stage or size on the screen? You can move all of the frames at the same time, you just need to use the "Edit Multiple Frames" feature.
Hits: 473  Date: 2008-04-06  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Some Basics in Excel 2007

Home > MS Excel > Basics
This top basics list lays out all the fundamental skills required to successfully use Excel 2007.
Hits: 428  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 5.0  Vote: 1  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Excel Shortcut Keys

Home > MS Excel > Basics
The following lists the most useful shortcut keys available in Excel. The shortcuts are arranged by context.
Hits: 458  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 4.0  Vote: 1  Broken  Review  Rate It!

10 Things That Can Go Wrong

Home > HTML > Getting Started
In this tutorial, we list the top ten things that can go wrong, why they happen, and how you can respond to keep a project on track.
Hits: 403  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Getting Started with CSS

Home > HTML > CSS
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the saviors of responsible web design. The impact of CSS upon the way developers build web sites has been immense, and the possibilities they bring are endless.
Hits: 404  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Core Concept of CSS

Home > HTML > CSS
Use CSS sparingly to control a few page elements, and you’d be right to call it a simple methodology. Start pushing the envelope and begin working across multiple style sheets with all sorts of conflicting selectors.
Hits: 191  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

The Basics of Spreadsheets: Numbers, Labels, and Formulas

Home > MS Excel > Basics
In this tutorial you will learn the Basics of Spreadsheets: Numbers, Labels, and Formulas.
Hits: 193  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Introduction to XML and Web Services

Home > PHP > XML and PHP
The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, platform-independent standard for describing data within a structured format. XML is not a language but instead a metalanguage that allows you to create markup languages.
Hits: 154  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Object Oriented Features New to PHP 5

Home > PHP > Miscellaneous
Object Oriented Features New to PHP 5......a useful tutorial.
Hits: 149  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Basics of Object Oriented Programming

Home > PHP > Introduction to PHP
This tutorial is aimed at an audience unfamiliar with the basic concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP). The intent is to provide a general overview of OOP with a view toward using PHP effectively.
Hits: 163  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

What is PHP and Why Should I Care?

Home > PHP > Introduction to PHP
One of the first things most people want to know about PHP is what the initials stand for. Then they wish they had never asked. Officially, PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.
Hits: 192  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Entering the Text in PowerPoint Slides

Home > MS PowerPoint > Content and Formatting
This tutorial explains how to change the appearance of text, create text boxes, and create text box shapes. We solve the riddle of what to do when text does not fit in a text box or text placeholder frame.
Hits: 190  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

CSS Building Blocks

Home > HTML > CSS
In this tutorial, the focus is chiefly on common CSS building blocks. For the most part, their uses should be fairly obvious, as the terms correlate well with the real world.
Hits: 175  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Using Text

Home > HTML > CSS
In this tutorial, we will look at methods for creative use of text, and how traditional methods of typesetting can be utilized via simple CSS rules.
Hits: 154  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

Getting Started with PowerPoint

Home > MS PowerPoint > Miscellaneous
This tutorial describes tasks that you do almost every time you run the program. It explains how to start PowerPoint and create, save, open, and close presentations.
Hits: 158  Date: 2008-02-12  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Broken  Review  Rate It!

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