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MS Word

Formatting  (15)
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Introduction to MS Word  (28)
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Some Keyboard Shortcuts from Office 2007

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The same keyboard commands work alike in all Office 2007 programs. By memorizing the keyboard shortcuts in this tutorial, you will be able to work faster and more efficiently with Office 2007, no matter which particular program you may be using at the time.

Recovery from Problems

Home > MS Word > Formatting
Most of the time, thing go along just as they are supposed to. You create, save, and back up data, you shut the computer down and boot it back up without incident. You always find the data you need and it is always in the folder you saved it to.

Protecting Against Viruses and Other Threats

Home > MS Word > Introduction to MS Word
Computer viruses are a fact and an intrinsic part of the computing experience. It is extremely likely you have antivirus software installed on your computer, and possibly even software that protects against adware and spyware.

Tips for Using Office 2007

Home > MS Word > Introduction to MS Word
The Microsoft Office is famous for burying tons of useful features that most people never know about, so this tutorial is about exposing some of Office 2007's features so you can take advantage of them and make Office 2007 more convenient (and safer) for you to use.

Getting Help from Word 2007

Home > MS Word > Introduction to MS Word
Microsoft designed Word 2007 to be the easiest version of Office ever. Yet, despite these improvements in Word 2007’s user interface, you may still need help in using one of the many Office programs once in a while.

Editing Data in Word 2007

Home > MS Word > Introduction to MS Word
Although you create a file only once, you can edit it many times. Editing can add, rearrange, or delete data, such as text, numbers, or pictures.

Introducing Word 2007

Home > MS Word > Introduction to MS Word
Word manipulates words, sentences, and paragraphs. Although Word 2007 program specializes in storing and manipulating different types of data, they all work in similar ways.

Exploring Word 2007

Home > MS Word > Introduction to MS Word
In this tutorial, you will first familiarize yourself with the Word working environment. Then you will open an existing Word document, learn ways of moving around in it, and close it. You will explore various ways of viewing documents so that you know which view to use for different tasks and how to tailor the program window to meet your needs. You will create and save a new document. Finally, you will preview and print a document.

Introducing Microsoft Office XP

Home > MS Word > Introduction to MS Word
The successor to Office 2000 includes hundreds of new features for users and support staff alike. But installation is unlikely to be straightforward. Someone at Microsoft clearly doesn't read marketing textbooks. Such books always advise you to capitalize on your brand names, and to build them up. Yet just a couple of years after launching the "2000" brand for Windows and Office, its two most popular products, Microsoft is writing off the investment and embarking on a new brand image. The successor to Office 2000 is known as Office XP, and features many hundreds of improvements, both big and small, to help users and support staff.

Formatting and Layout

Home > MS Word > Formatting
Normally, getting text into a document and doing basic editing provides plenty of annoyances but formatting and layout offer even more. Don't worry, though: this tutorial shows you how to wrestle most of these annoyances into submission, and how to work around the rest.

Installation, Repair, and Configuration

Home > MS Word > Introduction to MS Word
Installation should be a snap, whether you're installing Word on its own or as part of Office. You slide in the CD, make a few simple decisions, type in the product key, and let the installation roll. The first time you run one of the applications in Office XP (also known as Office 2002) or Office 2003, you have to activate Office. But after that, you're on your way.

Tables, Columns, and Text Boxes

Home > MS Word > Formatting
Tables are a great tool for positioning data precisely in your documents without resorting to such horrors as groups of text boxes. Tables mostly behave pretty well, provided that you know what you're doing with thembut their complexities and occasional outré habits can be extremely annoying.

Inserting and Positioning Graphics

Home > MS Word > Graphics and Objects
Whenever I paste in a bitmap graphic (e.g., a GIF or JPEG), Word decides for itself what size the image should be in my document. I would like for it to paste in the image at its natural size and then let me scale it if necessary. Lots of images only look good at their natural sizes, so I don't want Word messing around with the dimensions.

Printing, Faxing, and Scanning

Home > MS Word > Introduction to MS Word
This tutorial shows you how to deal with the worst printing annoyances that Word throws at you, starting with serious annoyances (Word crashes whenever you print, or printing simply fails) and moving along to tips for printing ranges of pages, printing in reverse order or draft quality, and performing complex duplexing for recalcitrant photocopiers. You'll also learn how to deal with 'Bizarre Swelling of the Right Margin Syndrome,' how to respond when your printer slices off your footer, and how to create a print file.

Line Spacing

Home > MS Word > Formatting
By default Word formats text at single line spacing. When writing rough drafts it is often useful to print out your work with more spacing.






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