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Get to know Bash

Home > Linux > Shells and Utilities
If you are a Linux administrator, scripting can make your life easier by allowing you to automate routine tasks, customize jobs, and connect different utilities. This article looks at Bash, the default command shell on most Linux distributions.
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Getting Some GRUB For Linux

Home > Linux > Shells and Utilities
"I was going to go off on a cute riff about "Lilo and Stitch," but after enduring a rant from a friend about how the movie had NOTHING to do with bootloaders, I reckon I'll just stick to the point. Darned over-literal geeks anyway. "If you're still lumbering along with the antique Linux Loader LILO, you really ought to consider migrating to GRUB, the Grand Unified Bootloader. LILO is quite good, and, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke... But GRUB has some advantages that make it, in my opinion, the Bootloader of today's generation.
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The Unix Shell - Part II

Home > Linux > Shells and Utilities
At first glance many people think the Unix Shell is a more cryptic version of the MS-Windows/DOS command prompt. However, the Unix shell can do much more than launch programs and copy files. Sequences of commands can be strung together in "Shell Scripts" to automate tedious or repetitive tasks. Unix systems provide a series of tools that are helpful when writing shell scripts. Typically each tool performs a specific task, accepting input from the "standard input" source and sending its output to the "standard output source".
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Schedule scripts to run

Home > Linux > Shells and Utilities
Schedule your daily work like checking logfiles, cleaning up old data in your web systems. Let automated scripts take care of this, learn how to use 'Cronjob' for this.
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Ten Neat Tricks With Perl

Home > Linux > Shells and Utilities
When I am using a computer to do a job I often think 'I am repeating tasks...time to write a script'. Under Linux there are a number of programming systems for scripts. Below we will look at one of them, Perl. Perl is a full blown programming language, but it's good for making short, quickly written programs like scripts. This is because it has a rich set of features and also a wide range of add-on libraries
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The Unix Shell - Part One

Home > Linux > Shells and Utilities
The word Unix has traditionally brought to mind images of a mystical operating system for high-end workstations and servers that can only be accessed through a cryptic command line interface known as the Unix Shell. Linux with the help of graphical front ends like GNOME has allowed people the power of Unix without requiring them to learn a complex command line system. However, The Unix Shell still has a lot to offer. From the command prompt simple programs or scripts can be quickly constructed to automate repetitive tasks. Constructing larger and more complex programs can also be done with minimal effort. The Unix Shell is a powerful tool that can make life easier for anyone who is willing to invest a bit of time learning the basic syntax.
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Using the Apache CVS Repository

Home > Linux > Shells and Utilities
The Apache HTTP Server project keeps all of its source files in a central CVS source code repository. As changes are made, they are applied to this master repository; when a release is built, it is assembled from the same repository. But suppose you want to keep up with the latest and greatest Apache developments (and bugs), without having to wait for a release? How would you do it? That's what this article is all about.
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Shells and Utilities

Home > Linux > Shells and Utilities
Most UNIX users are familiar with "the shell"; it is where you input commands and get output on your screen. Often, the only contact users have with the shell is logging in and immediately starting some application. Some administrators, however, have modified the system to the point where users never even see the shell, or in extreme cases, have eliminated the shell completely for the users.
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