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How Linux Works CTDP Guide Version 0.6.0

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Most of this documentation is based on analysis of script files and learning about how the system works based on information in code and man pages. Some of this document is based on man pages produced by the Linux community. Some other documentation is based on files in under /usr/doc such as /usr/doc/initscripts-4.48/sysconfig.txt.
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Linux Basics

Home > Linux > Getting Started
With many UNIX systems that are around, the user is unaware that the operating system is a UNIX system. Many companies have point-of-sales systems hooked up to a UNIX host. For example, the users at the cash register may never see what is being run. Therefore, there is really no need to go into details about the system other than for pure curiosity assuming that users find out that they are running on a UNIX system.
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Basic Linux Commands

Home > Linux > Getting Started
Basic Linux Comamnds Overcome the fear of using Windows admin's nightmare, the terminal. clear, locate, mkdir, kill, killall
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Linux Tutorial

Home > Linux > Getting Started
Much of the problem with learning Linux is that there are so many available commands and tools along with a variety of ways to accomplish each task. The main goal of this documentation is to help the reader more quickly discover what those tools and commands are and thereby learn faster. This is done by categorizing capabilities into various sections which describe various operating system functions. This document attempts to give examples and reasonably full explanations about the various tools involved, but more emphasis has been placed on having a reasonable listing of tools. As this documentation is upgraded, where it is helpful, additional examples and explanations will be added. One of the greatest problems in writing this documentation is that many functional areas run over into other functional areas. For instance filesystems and user quotas both deal with filesystems. Therefore some information may be repeated in various sections or documents in order to avoid the necessity of looking in many areas for complete information.
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Introduction to Operating Systems

Home > Linux > Getting Started
It is a common occurrence to find users who are not even aware of what operating system they are running. On occasion, you may also find an administrator who knows the name of the operating system, but nothing about the inner workings of it. In many cases, they have no time as they are often clerical workers or other personnel who were reluctantly appointed to be the system administrator.
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Working With the System

Home > Linux > Getting Started
Whether you login using the GUI or a character console, the way you interact with a Linux system is essentially the same. You must first be able to identify yourself to the system by providing the appropriate information. This information is your user name or login name and a password. As we discuss in other sections, by default Linux will prompt you for this information when the system is started. Once you have correctly identified yourself, you are given access to the system. What happens next will depend on whether you are using the GUI or a character console.
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Web Marketing Your Business With Linux, Part 1

Home > Linux > Getting Started
Look at how important we are, with our super cool web site, using EIEIO technology. But, since we are so busy, please don't try to contact us." That's the message I get when I see a slick, interactive, animated web site with never so much as a phone number, contact name or email address on any of the pages. Sure, there are reasons to limit the types of information on a personal web site, but for a business? I always thought the idea of having a business web presence was to help people find, contact and ultimately buy products and services from a company. Isn't that the whole reason behind marketing?
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Beginner's Guide to SSI (server side includes)

Home > Linux > Getting Started
Don't worry, SSI doesn't require a rocket-science degree to understand and use. It is, however, a highly useful feature that lets you do incredibly time saving tasks such as include the contents of an external file across multiple pages on your site, or access and display server specific information such as the current server time, visitor's IP address, etc. In this tutorial I'll introduce new comers to the wonderful world of SSI! SSI is short for Server Side Includes, by the way.
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Web Marketing Your Business With Linux, Part 2

Home > Linux > Getting Started
Last month, I walked you through the basic tools and techniques in putting a Web page together using open source applications. This month, in part two, let's examine the tools and techniques for transferring your pages to the web server as well as the applications and methods for monitoring and securing your site, starting with hosting the site itself.
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The Computer Itself

Home > Linux > Getting Started
This section talks about the computer hardware and peripherals. We also cover how Linux interacts with the hardware.
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