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Home  > HTML > Colors

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Colorizing text, links, visited links

Home > HTML > Colors
Learn how to change the color of text, links, and visited links.
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Text Link Color Flips

Home > HTML > Colors
Here are two examples of what I mean by a Text Flip. Look at the two bits of text just below this paragraph. Both are links, both will color change, but notice the one on the right looks like straight text to start. That's because the two links are created differently from one another. Now, without clicking, roll your pointer over the two links and watch the show but hold your applause until the end
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Button Color Flip in DHTML

Home > HTML > Colors
Another great rollover effect, this one for buttons.
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An Explanation of Hex Codes

Home > HTML > Colors
It's pretty easy to understand the word color codes, but those hex codes are rather strange. Here's a quick explanation. The three primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. Remember that from high school art? They're called the primary colors because there are no two "lesser" colors that make them up. Purple is not a primary color because it can be created through combining equal parts of blue and red. In the world of mechanical things that make color, like a television, or a computer screen, color is created through the mixing of three basic colors to make other colors. It's a process known as "additive color
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HTML Color Reference list

Home > HTML > Colors
Hex color code reference page
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Color Code Reference Guide

Home > HTML > Colors
This is a list of 140 hex and word codes
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HTML Colours and Colour Codes

Home > HTML > Colors
A selection of HTML colours and colour codes and how to insert them to your document.
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Table Border Colors

Home > HTML > Colors
Whomever decided that tables should have color capabilities shall be brought before me for a good screaming at! As soon as I put up the tutorial on how to put color in the table cells (see here), the next volley of questions asked how to put color into the table borders. Apparently many people out there are creating color test patterns to make sure their new Trinitron monitor can actually handle all 16 million colors. Sheesh! But I digress. Let's try out a few different angles, both for those using the new-fangled browsers, and those who still dig the earlier versions. I still surf with 1.1 every so often. I figure it's a good page if I can still see all the important parts using the earlier browsers.
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Non-Dithering Color Codes

Home > HTML > Colors
As if there isn't enough to be concerned about in terms of colors - here's one more little deal. This is a chart of 216 "non-dithering" colors. In layman's terms, these colors will look like the color you ask for on all browsers and all computer screen resolution settings. Have you ever seen a color created by what appeared to be one solid color and then a few lighter colored dots across the top? It didn't blend at all, but sort of created the color. Have you ever printed something in color, and instead of being a straight color, it appeared to be a series of different colored dots? I guess if you were able to truly mix those colors together, you would get the color you are looking for. But they're not mixed. That's dithering.
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