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Using Flash to Create Comics

Home > Flash > Animation
Yes, you can create and print out beautiful, professional looking comics no matter how good your drawing skills are! Cartoon Solutions provides you with pre-made Comic Book products, Character Packs, Backgrounds and Effects, to help you succeed!

Using Walk Cycle PLUS Packs

Home > Flash > Animation
Free video tutorial on using walk cycle PLUS Packs. See how easy they are to use and how much time they will save you. You'll be shown two different ways to easily animate walk cycle "PLUS" packs by using basic motion tweening techniques.

Editing Multiple Frames of Animation

Home > Flash > Animation
Have you ever finished animating something only to decide that you need to change it's placement on the stage or size on the screen? You can move all of the frames at the same time, you just need to use the "Edit Multiple Frames" feature.

Symbol Types: Movie Clip or Graphic?

Home > Flash > Tips and Techniques
Have you ever wondered what exactly is the difference between a "Movie Clip" or "Graphic" symbol? Should you use both types or just one? ?In this free video tutorial, you'll be shown the exact differences and you'll learn when and where to use both types!

Symbol Instances in Flash

Home > Flash > Tips and Techniques
In this video, you'll learn an important distinction between the way symbols work and the way symbol instances work.

Car blink

Home > Flash > Special Effects
This tutorial will show you how to create a car blink using Color Mixer Panel without action script.


Home > Flash > Actionscripting
Learn how to create a timer in flash 8 using action script. You can use it for picture presentation, slide show or something.

Text Gradient Fills

Home > Flash > Text Effects
Unfortunately, applying a gradient fill to text in Flash isn't as easy as selecting the text field and then choosing a linear gradient from the Color Mixer panel. So in this video, you will learn two different methods to achieve this effect.

Windmill animation

Home > Flash > Animation
Have you ever want to draw a windmill, and after that animate it? No problem! Read this tutorial and see how to draw a windmill, and after that animate it.

Road to sun

Home > Flash > Getting Started
This tutorial will teach you how to create a very simple and practical shape effect.

Creating a Gyroscope Animation in Flash

Home > Flash > Tricks
Creating a spinning ring is as easy as flipping it over and tweening it. In this video, you'll learn how to create a gyroscope effect using multiple instances of this simple technique.


Home > Flash > Special Effects
The effects are everywhere. You can see it on flash header, intro, flash animation, flash menu....everywhere. Exactly that's the reason why I would teach you how to create special and advanced sunlight effect using Action Script.

Full monitor presentation

Home > Flash > Animation
Have you ever want to create a presentation about yourself or about your company? No problem! Macromedia Flash 8 is the most powerful software for presentations which can provides that and make you happy! This tutorial will teach you how to create advanced full presentation using the picture of monitor and mask effect.

Sound in Flash without Action Script

Home > Flash > Audio
Allways, when you import a sound into a Flash, it seems very "cool" and "grace". The sound is very important when you using it for some elements in your web site (flash menu, flash intro, some presentation..), becouse it makes your web site more powerful and it will leave a better impression. This tutorial will teach you how to import a sound into a flash and how to create a button wich will make a sound on click. This tutorial is for beginners who have no experiance of using Flash.

Turn on/off sound in flash

Home > Flash > Audio
This tutorial gives us the chance to turn on and turn off the sound using play and stop buttons.






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