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FlashCFM.com Forums

Home > ColdFusion > Discussion Boards
FlashCFM.com Forums is a great place to discuss the integration of Flash and ColdFusion.

Old Poster

Home > ColdFusion > Miscellaneous
In this Photoshop tutorial we're going to create an old poster. The main purpose of this tutorial is to show you many different Photoshop techniques and a non-destructive approach by using many separate layers.

ColdFusion Web Hosting

Home > ColdFusion > Introduction to ColdFusion
There are many things to consider when determining how you will host your ColdFusion site. Issues include tag availability, database needs, disk space, bandwidth, security, support, e-commerce, and software costs.

Easy to follow ColdFusion tutorial

Home > ColdFusion > Introduction to ColdFusion
This tutorial will guide you to creating your first ColdFusion template. Once you learn the basic, you will be ready for more advanced tutorials. It will work from basic to intermediate and advanced levels.

Smooth Edges

Home > ColdFusion > User Authentication
Have you ever used the pen tool to create curves and found that they were jaggy? Here is how to solve that problem.

The Next ColdFusion - Blackstone

Home > ColdFusion > Introduction to ColdFusion
Macromedia's Chief Evangelist for ColdFusion, Ben Forta, spent the spring and early summer 2004 previewing the next generation of ColdFusion to user groups throughout North America. The pre-release name of the product is Blackstone and has a host of features that will be of interest to new and veteran ColdFusion and Flash programmers. Some of the major enhancements are: Wizards and enhancements for new CF'ers, major enhancement to CFFORM (key phrase: type = 'flash'), introduction of CFDOCUMENT, and improved reporting with CFREPORT and a report creation tool.

How to Make Content Appear and Disappear

Home > ColdFusion > Date and Time
Content on the web often has a shelf life. You may have information that you want up after a certain point in time or you may want it to be gone after a certain time.You may want to have it appear and disappear without having to be editing files or changing out input in some back end system. You will find that you can build a simple system for publishing and removing info with ColdFusion's CFIF tag and CreateDateTime() and Now() functions.

Grouping Results

Home > ColdFusion > Database Related
ColdFusion makes it easy to select data out of a database and display it on a page. As soon as you feel good about your success in crossing the divide from static to dynamic, someone will say 'That's nice, can you group the list by author?'. Whether you are asked to group things by author, make, brand, year or whatever, ColdFusion has you covered with its grouping capabilities

CFPARAM and How to Uncheck a Checkbox

Home > ColdFusion > Introduction to ColdFusion
For anyone new to application development, you may be perplexed when you create your form for editing some data that should allow a user to uncheck a checkbox and update a record to a status of not checked. You will sooner or later discover an oddity about HTML forms. HTML forms won't allow you to uncheck like you think you should be able to. If you uncheck the checkbox, the value becomes NULL and the form doesn't bother to pass the field. You will find that ColdFusion does have a simple solution and much more with the CFPARAM tag.

Custom Tags

Home > ColdFusion > Miscellaneous
ColdFusion custom tags are ColdFusion templates just like any other CFML file but are designed to be reused. Coders can save much time by packaging code that is used frequently or can easily add functionality by using free or inexpensive custom tags. There are two general categories of custom tags, one uses only ColdFusion's CFML code. The other packages C++, Java, or other languages into a custom tag that is used by ColdFusion. We'll cover only CFML based tags in this article. For our discussion we will be using CF_States from www.AspiringGeek.com.


Home > ColdFusion > Introduction to ColdFusion
We all start out learning ColdFusion by outputing variables using CFOUTPUT and some pound signs. A variable with an name like myvariable was passed to the page by a form or a link and output as #myvariable#. By not understanding and using scope, we unwittingly add inefficiencies to our code and overlook a lot of advantages that come with using scopes.

Space Invaders for Excel

Home > ColdFusion > Introduction to ColdFusion
Play Space Invaders with Excel.

How to build a hit counter without database access

Home > ColdFusion > Counters
"Quick guide to build a simple hitcounter

Developer.be ColdFusion FAQ's

Home > ColdFusion > Frequently Asked Questions
A collection of ColdFusion development FAQ's such as: here can I find cheap coldfusion hosting? Where can I download the mx tag updates for coldfusion studio? How can I reset the coldfusion MX password? How can I make an excel document appear in the browser? How to nest CFOUTPUT Tags? How do I add a virtual mapping in ColdFusion MX? How to get a list of Structure Variables? How can I add a message-id header when using cfmail? Where can I get a list of deprecated tags,functions,... concerned CFMX? How can I nest 2 or more CFOUPUT tags? How do I get the full path of the current template? Hw can I reset the coldfusion administrator password? How can I use CFSCHEDULE, CFDUMP or CFCACHE on CF 4.5 or earlier? Where can I download ColdFusion Hotfixes? How can I resize images with coldfusion? How can I capture the output from a cfinclude? I've used 'show tables' to list the table names from a mysql database but how do I output them? How to recover the coldfusion admin and studio password? Is there a way to run a page every x minutes? Is there such a thing a certification for coldfusion?

ColdFusion FAQ

Home > ColdFusion > Frequently Asked Questions
The largest collection of ColdFusion related material to be found on the Net. It is fully searchable by keyword and is updated daily by the Geeks here at MaxFusion.






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