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Complete CSS

Home > CSS
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a fantastic tool to add layout to your websites. It can save you a lot of time and it enables you to design websites in a completely new way. CSS is a must for anyone working with web design.
Hits: 282  Date: 2006-04-24  Rate: 5.0  Vote: 1  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu

Home > CSS
We decided to create this script when we needed a compact CSS drop down menu for a project. Chrome Menu is a CSS and JavaScript hybrid drop down menu. It's easy to configure and search engine friendly. The menu links is based on a list, while the drop down menus are simply regular DIV tags on page. Thanks to JavaScript, the menu supports subtle but important effects such as delay before menu disappearance, and repositioning of the menu if too close to any one of the four corners of the window. The entire menu, including images and external files, is extremely compact, at around 6 kilobytes!
Hits: 265  Date: 2006-04-24  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

Basic HTML/CSS Layout

Home > CSS
Learn how to make a simple 2 column css/html layout. Graphics included and fully explained.
Hits: 247  Date: 2006-04-23  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

CSS and Lists

Home > CSS
Those of you who are list-happy HTML authors know you have the ability to change the bullets and numbers that create those lovely
      lists. But with HTML alone, you're pretty locked in once you make a decision to use numbers or to use a certain bullet. Well, not any more. CSS has really allowed Web page designers to be more free with what they have. Below, I have tried to lay out the opportunities provided by the CSS:
Hits: 242  Date: 2006-04-24  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

Style html lists with css

Home > CSS
Html lists can be formated differently with very simple tricks. First you can use either bullets or numbers for your the lists. Secondly you can use images instead of bullets to make them better looking.
Hits: 229  Date: 2006-04-23  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

CSS Star Rater

Home > CSS
This is my first contribution to the CSS loving community. So, many of you have seen a blog. Many of you have seen comments and reviews on sites such as Netflix and Amazon. Most of these reviews, as in Amazonís case or Movies, as in Neflixís case come with a handy dandy rating. Iíve even seen the star rating system used at msn.com. Many of these solutions may use JavaScript or just have an individual hover state for a single star. The question I pose isÖ. Can you create a star rating using only CSS. Iím talking the kind that when you hover over the 4th star, there are four stars that show up on the hover state. Well, Iím glad you asked because that is just the question I intend to answer.
Hits: 217  Date: 2006-04-24  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

CSS Snippets

Home > CSS
This tutorial/snippet listing will help you to understand and use many different css examples and techniques. Includes commented examples.
Hits: 212  Date: 2006-04-24  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

CSS Shorthands

Home > CSS
One of the many great possibilities in CSS is the use of shorthand properties. It lets you specify several properties by using only one. If you have started learning about CSS and started implementing it on your web pages, you'll immediately see the benefit of using shorthand CSS properties. It makes it even easier for you to apply style to your markup, and it will make your CSS code shorter.
Hits: 206  Date: 2006-04-24  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

Pure CSS Popups

Home > CSS
Pure CSS PopupsIf you've already seen the complexspiral demo, then this page layout probably seems a bit familiar. However, this time we aren't playing around with background images, or indeed images of any kind. Instead we're creating static-text popups purely through the power of CSS. The title of the page is intentional: there is no Javascript used in this document. For that matter, there aren't any images either. And once again, there are no proprietary extensions being employed here. It's all validated HTML and CSS, period, end of story.
Hits: 203  Date: 2006-04-24  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

CSS Float and DIV

Home > CSS
Learn about CSS floats and how they are used.
Hits: 203  Date: 2006-04-24  Rate: 0.0  Vote: 0  Report Broken Link!  Rate It!

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